U.S. taxpayers fund Gaza war

U.S. military aid to Israel has been excessive for years. We supposedly curtail aid to countries with poor human rights records, but not Israel. How many followers of Jesus would have approved of the following amounts if they had known about them? According to jewishvirtuallibrary.org, the United States has, since 1959, sent Israel the following: $112.2 billion in military aid, $10 billion in other defense aid, $1.2 billion in Iron Dome aid and $180 million in Arrow Missile aid, for a total of $123.7 billion, an average of $1.9 billion per year, or $5.2 million per day. This does not include $7.9 billion in loan guarantees. Since 1973 the U.S. has also provided $1.7 billion for the Jewish Agency/United Israel Appeal to help transport and resettle Jewish immigrants in Israel and Palestine.

One can’t help but wonder why Israel needs the additional $14 billion (over $38.3 million per day if provided in one year) currently requested by President Biden when it already has the most well-equipped military force in the region.

Jonathan Wieand, Goshen, Ind.


On Jan. 16, 130 Mennonites were arrested on Capitol Hill while nonviolently calling for a cease-fire in Gaza. That evening, the Senate voted 72-11 to table a resolution that would have required a report regarding Israel’s human rights abuses in Gaza. No senators were arrested. Is that justice? The Israel/Palestine war could end if the United States chose to intervene. “The minute they turn off the tap, you can’t keep fighting,” retired Israeli Maj. Gen. Yitzhak Brick told Jewish News Syndicate. “Everyone understands that we can’t fight this war without the United States.” 

Has the time come for U.S. taxpayers to turn off the tap to military spending? The Mennonite Church USA Peace Tax Fund provides an opportunity to underwrite peacemaking instead.

Harold A. Penner, Akron, Pa.

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