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Weekly roundup: Five things worth paying attention to

Angie Santoso is 22 years old and currently living in Los Angeles, California. She has a Bachelors degree in Business Marketing, and is now attending UCLA Extension for Interior Design. On the weekends, she loves biking down the Santa Monica boardwalk with her puppy pom, Charli. She attends Maranatha Christian Fellowship in Northridge, California. 

1. LovishlyA jewelry company focusing on giving back to the community. Each piece is inspired by a story, and a percentage of their sales goes towards that specific charity or story.  It allows you to accessorize while expressing what you care about. 

2. Chef’s TableI love eating; I hate cooking. This Netflix TV series explains the process of making a dish through the history and philosophy of the talented chefs who make them. I enjoy watching this series because you can understand that dishes come from spontaneity, culture, personality, and love. You really learn to appreciate these Michelin star chefs (and all other chefs) in a whole new way. It’s the perfect show to watch while eating my microwaved mac n cheese for dinner.

3. Styled by Emily Henderson/YoungHouseLove: As an aspiring interior designer, I believe that the spaces you work in should be beautiful. You spend so much time (more than you know) at home! It should be a space of rejuvenation and relaxation, but, this doesn’t mean that your home should look like those in magazines!

We all know that isn’t realistic, and blogs like YoungHouseLove help us achieve a liveable, good looking, home that won’t break the bank. Styled by Emily Henderson is another great resource to help you find your personal style, and how to implement that in your home.

4. Everlane: As background: I can’t just think about consumerism. It makes my head spin. Thinking about all those cars being made and not bought; all those clothes being made and not bought, which means discounts; all of that IKEA furniture being made and thrown away in 3 years. All you can really do is pray that the industries of the world change their mindset on profit: the more you make the cheaper it is to make and therefore the more profit you make. It is also hard because as a starving college student, these products are sometimes all you can really afford, therefore supporting this consumerism. Again…makes my head spin.

Anyway, Everlane is a clothing company that is transparent about their factories and costs. Because they are strictly online, they are able to keep their costs low and affordable. Tees for men and women start as low as $15. You can see where the cost comes from on most of their items, including materials, labor, transport, and markup. I just received their “Modern Snap Backpack” in the mail, and for $68, I would say it’s equivalent or even better in quality than all the competing brands, including Herschel ($100+). I’m appreciating these transparent companies more and more because there is definitely a sense of responsibility I feel that I owe the world and its laborers. You also get $25 in credit when you refer a friend. ;)

5. Acoustic originals: I’m sure many of you have heard the song, “I took a pill in Ibiza.” The radio version is played everywhere, and is typically used as a “feel good” party song. But what lots of people don’t know, is that it isn’t the original. Mike Posner wrote this song to deliver a complete opposite meaning. It has the same lyrics as the upbeat version… “You don’t ever wanna step off that roller coaster and be alone / You don’t wanna ride the [tour] bus like this / Never knowing who to trust like this / You don’t wanna be stuck up on that stage singing…/all I know are sad songs.”

It’s a really open and transparent song, which I appreciate because it reminds you of how life can be so empty without God. It reminds you that fame or money or popularity or the combination of the three doesn’t bring you happiness.

Listen to the original:

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