What about war taxes?

John Roth’s “Some can’t sidestep war’s hard choices” (June 16) reminds us that Mennonites in other places face pressures related to war that we don’t face in the U.S. and Canada. So far so good. Roth then acknowledges that superpowers rely much more heavily on high-tech weaponry than conscripted troops but doesn’t explore the moral questions embedded in the tax dollars that pay for this technology. I have long been troubled by why our Anabaptist community does not respond to the conscription of our dollars with the same determination as we did to the challenges of World War I and World War II. War taxes contribute greatly to killing and human suffering. I have encountered many war wounded in Southeast Asia and the Middle East while expended U.S. weapons still lurked in their fields and schoolyards. Many soldiers also suffer from physical and moral injury. Ignoring the moral implications of our tax connections to the wars we oppose dulls our moral compass. Mennonite Church USA’s Church Peace Tax Fund awaits our contributions.

Titus Peachey, Lancaster, Pa.

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