This article was originally published by Mennonite World Review

Wider wisdom

Thank you for the breadth and depth of kingdom news in the Sept. 30 MWR. I feel privileged to have been shaped in my upbringing and professional career by a wide range of Anabaptist as well as various other conservative, mainline and independent expressions of faith. As a part of Mennonite Church USA, I appreciate being able to keep up with my Mennonite Brethren roots through MWR. Thank you for featuring their outreach.

I believe that listening to, learning from and joining together with fellow believers where possible will give the wider body of Christ the wisdom and courage to effectively and respectfully be the salt, light and leaven so desperately needed in our nation and world today. Your outreach helps make that possible. Blessings as you carry out your important mission to Mennonites, as well as the wider church and also to the world.

Lee Suderman
North Newton, Kan.

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