Yes, we are Anabaptists

I was taught that the word “Anabaptist,” as a noun, had to do with a Reformation movement of the 16th century. From the 17th century onward, one could have an Anabaptist theology (“Anabaptist” as an adjective), but we were no longer Anabaptists but Mennonites. I have changed my mind. The title Anabap­tist World is most appropriate for a journal that also speaks to a spectrum of people who do not consider themselves Mennonite. Yet I am grateful that the word “Mennonite” appears on the cover. “Mennonite” continues to define us, connoting “peace” and “community” in the minds of the populace. We would be the poorer if we were to abandon this continuing perception.

Leonard Gross, Goshen, Ind.

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