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Last month Anabaptist World virtually participated in the Associated Church Press annual convention. For me, as a first-time participant, it was an exciting time to learn from other communicators working in religious reporting and storytelling. 

AW was highlighted as editor Paul Schrag and I participated in a panel on shifting models in journalism and then honored by receiving six awards for our predecessors, Mennonite World Review and The Mennonite, as well for AW in our first four months of publishing (see page 24). 

One of these honors was the second-place Award of Merit for “Letters to the Editor” in the March 9 issue of MWR. I want to highlight this one because this award really belongs to you, the readers. Without you taking the time to write to us, that award would have gone to another publication. 

Thank you for your participation, your support and your passion for Anabaptist World. Your engagement makes the magazine and website better. 

Another way you can find your words published on AW pages is to answer one of our calls for submissions. Currently, for our next issue, we have a submission call out that addresses themes of stewardship. While I expect we will highlight stories involving creative financial stewarding, I hope we also receive submissions that present testimonies of stewardship as environmental care, faith development, justice work or movements, and more. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your letters, article submissions and story ideas. People sometimes begin an email to us with “you’ve probably heard about this, but . . .” Often we haven’t! We need you to tell us what’s happening. 

We do this work together, and we really do appreciate when you take the time to join in the conversation.  

In this issue we’re sharing a number of stories from Anabaptist communities outside the United States, including two leading features written by Africans (thanks to Mennonite Mission Network for those!). I’m always pleased when it works out to have an issue in which we are able to share a variety of global voices. 

I hope this issue brings insight and inspiration to you. Thank you again for your support, participation and kindness. 

Danielle Klotz

Danielle Klotz is executive director of Anabaptist World. Read More

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