Anabaptist World call for submissions: What feeds your body and soul?

Deadline: July 23. Length: 600 to 1,200 words. Photos, art and recipes are welcome.

How does food season your faith?

What recipe (maybe in a church cookbook, or not) connects you to your faith community? How does it do that?

Has sharing a meal facilitated an unlikely connection or relationship? What does the term “Mennonite food” mean to you?

When cultural food becomes “church food,” does this limit who feels welcome? Or does it enrich fellowship by sharing cultural traditions?

Jesus began his ministry with fishermen: Did you start (or grow) a ministry with food? Was it on purpose or by accident?

What role does food play in your relationship with God? Has God ever curdled you like cheese? (Job 10:10).

Did you ever have bad luck at a potluck? Or especially good luck? What did you learn?

The editors will look with favor on articles that include a recipe. Submissions can be sent to

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