Both pro-life and pro-choice

Many of us may look at this election as a one-issue election in regard to our position against abortion. However, it is important to consider the broader context of pro-life and pro-choice. Joe Biden has always had, in accordance with his Catholic belief, a personal opposition to abortion, and therefore remains pro-life. But with respect to national policy he has endorsed a pro-choice position. Biden could be defined as both pro-choice and pro-life.

Pro-life includes much more than giving birth. It includes our support for those in poverty who cannot give their children adequate food. It includes immigrants who face hardship and even loss of life as they seek a safer home. It includes a health-care plan for all and a plan to reduce the effects of the pandemic. It includes climate change. It includes opposing capital punishment. It demands avoiding international warfare and reducing the spread of nuclear weapons. It prohibits the sale of military-type weaponry to private citizens.

Donald Trump has provided little or no support for these pro-life issues. Indeed, he has caused some to worsen. He was pro-choice before running for president and only changed to pro-life to get conservative Republican votes.

Ted Bergey, Lexington, Mass.

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