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Causes of immigration

The influx of children from Central America to the U.S. has dropped from the news, but the problem has not vanished. Nor was there ever a careful analysis of why this should be or of why Nicaragua was absent from contributing to this influx. Most people have forgotten the Contra war of the 1980s, when counterrevolutionary forces supported by the U.S. attempted to overthrow Nicaragua’s democratically elected government. They failed, and Nicaragua has essentially told the U.S. to keep its hands off. In 1954 the CIA launched a brutal military coup that ousted Guatemala’s democratically elected president. In Honduras just a few years ago a coup ousted the democratically elected president. The U.S. never so much as said “bad move” and continues to support the Honduran military, which keeps a heavy hand on any civilian unrest. In El Salvador the U.S. financially supports the military. In other words, where the U.S. acts like an imperial power, the population degenerates into pockets of gangsterism instigated by feelings of despair. But Nica­ragua, while still very poor, controls its own destiny.

Robert O. Epp
Henderson, Neb.

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