Cultivating gratitude in a culturally diverse church

Iglesia Menonita Monte Horeb, Dallas, TX celebrates multicultural day. — Sandra Montez-Martinez

In today’s world, places of worship often serve as melting pots of diverse cultures, bringing together individuals from various backgrounds, languages and traditions, as part of our communities. In a culturally diverse church, one powerful common thread is the universal language of gratitude. Gratitude plays a vital role in fostering unity, understanding and appreciation within such faith communities. In this article, I want to share some of the insights from the Build Bridges initiatives that I experienced and observed while serving congregations in diverse communities.

Embracing diversity: A culturally diverse community is a microcosm of the global village we live in. People from different walks of life come together to seek spiritual growth and connection. Gratitude, as a unifying force, can help bridge the gaps and create a sense of belonging for all.

Expressing thanks in different languages: One beautiful aspect of cultural diversity is the multitude of languages spoken within the congregation. Gratitude can be expressed in various tongues, creating a harmonious symphony of appreciation. Encouraging members to share their expressions of thanks in their native languages can be a heartwarming experience.

Learning from one another: Gratitude in a diverse church is not just about saying “thank you.” It’s about the genuine desire to understand and learn from one another. Members can share their cultural practices of thankfulness, whether it’s a gratitude ritual, a traditional song or a family recipe. This cross-cultural exchange enriches everyone’s lives.

Celebrating cultural holidays: Culturally diverse communities often observe a wide range of holidays and traditions. Gratitude can be at the core of these celebrations. Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Lunar New Year or any other cultural celebration, recognizing the importance of these cultural events can foster a sense of togetherness and respect.

Acts of kindness and service: Gratitude is not just about words; it’s about actions. Encourage your congregation to engage in acts of kindness and service. Volunteer opportunities, charity drives, and support for local and international causes can provide meaningful outlets for expressing gratitude.

Interfaith dialogues: Many culturally diverse communities bring together individuals from different faiths. Interfaith dialogues on the topic of gratitude can help members explore the common ground and shared values in their beliefs, promoting mutual understanding and respect.

Fostering inclusivity: Gratitude extends beyond cultural differences. It also encompasses physical abilities, gender, age and economic status. Emphasize the importance of making all individuals feel welcome and valued within the church community. This inclusivity creates an environment in which gratitude can thrive.

Teaching gratitude to the youth: The younger generations in culturally diverse churches can be particularly receptive to the message of gratitude. Organize youth programs that educate them about the value of thankfulness, and encourage them to embrace and celebrate diversity.

Gratitude in culturally diverse communities is a powerful force that can bring unity, understanding and appreciation to the congregation’s efforts to reach out to its neighbors and within the church. By embracing  diversity, expressing thanks in different languages, learning from one another, celebrating cultural holidays, and engaging in acts of kindness and service, the church as faith communities can truly build bridges of thankfulness, fostering a spirit of unity and love that transcends cultural boundaries. Gratitude becomes the glue that binds the congregation together in a tapestry of faith, hope, and love.

This article was originally published by Western District Conference on November 7. Used with permission.


Sandra Montes-Martinez

Sandra Montes-Martinez is Associate Conference Minister of Western District Conference. She is based in Texas.

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