Five things Friday roundup: Friendship is Everything

Photo: Briana Tozour, Unsplash. Photo: Briana Tozour, Unsplash.

Here are five things worth paying attention to this month. I recommend selecting one or two and jumping in over the next week.

  1. Few things in life are as important as friendship, so what if we made it the center of our lives?
  2. What is friendship though? How do we define it and think about it?.
  3. When it’s time to be a good friend, we need to know how to hold the tragedies of life. Kate Bowler invites us into the unthinkable, so we can become more human.  
  4. Being in healthy relationship with others requires us to be in healthy relationship with ourselves. Brene Brown helps us learn how by mapping our Atlas of the Heart.        
  5. As you’re healing yourself, check out this technique to release trauma from the body.

Ben Tapper

Ben Tapper is the host of the Invisible Truths podcast and the co-founder of the Kindred Collective which is an Read More

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