Friday roundup: Five things worth paying attention to this week

Here are five things worth paying attention to this month. I recommend selecting one or two and jumping in over the next week.

1. Looking for thoughtful articles about ministry? Look no further than Shepherd Heart.

2. Here is yet another ongoing battle raging that is influenced by COVID-19 — tenants across the country planning to withhold their rent from landlords beginning today.

3. In an age when a lot of popular music feels devoid of depth, Wale’s latest video is refreshing.

4. As someone with little awareness of the challenges faced by those who are hearing-impaired, this video was eye-opening.

5. If you follow the NBA and have not watched Game of Zones, it’s time you got on board.

Ben Tapper has a master’s degree in public affairs and an M.Div. He is co-founder of the Hear Me Project and blogs at Invisible Truths.

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