This article was originally published by The Mennonite

Global assembly postponed until 2022

Mennonite World Conference (MWC) has decided to postpone its global assembly until 2022. In close consultation with the National Advisory Committee in host country Indonesia, the Executive Committee of MWC has decided not to hold the international gathering in 2021 as originally announced. The gathering will be held July 5-10, 2022. “The COVID-19 pandemic continues to infect hundreds of thousands of people each day,” says MWC president J. Nelson Kraybill. “Restrictions of large group gathers are still in place and travel is not advised. These limitations will remain in place for many more months. The likelihood we can safely gather in person as a global family for group worship, service and learning in 2021 seems low. To allow both MWC staff and attendees to properly plan for the event, we have chosen to postpone it to 2022.” Paulus Widjaja, chair of National Advisory Council, says, “The Indonesian Mennonite churches are committed to hosting the assembly in Indonesia. Please continue to pray for the healing of the world, and for the assembly.” The Global Youth Summit is now set to be held July 1-4, 2022.

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