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God’s love shines

I am grateful for wonderful teachers like Esther Kratzer Koontz who catch the essence and vision of the Shine curriculum (“Sunday School Shines,” April 13). Thank you to Esther for sharing her testimony. Stories like this are what make the work of curriculum editing and writing deeply satisfying. We long for children everywhere to experience what Esther’s class experiences. We want children to know that God loves them and then respond to that love by shining God’s light in the world. People should also know that Shine: Living in God’s Light is jointly published by Brethren Press and MennoMedia. Another piece of good news is that it’s not just being used in our denominations. Churches beyond Mennonite and Brethren have found the Shine website and are purchasing Shine. They do so because they embrace the message of Jesus, who died and rose again and who welcomed the children, taught us to love our enemies and looked out for those who were pushed to the back.

Rose Stutzman
Elkhart, Ind.

Stutzman is project director for Shine: Living in God’s Light.

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