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January 2019 Call for Submissions: Education: What does a just, equitable and liberated system look like?

The Mennonite, Inc., invites your original submissions for our January 2019 print magazine issue and corresponding online content focusing on Education: What does a just, equitable and liberated system look like?

Description of the theme:

The phrase “being in the world but not of it” is often used to explain the differences between secular and Christian or Anabaptist education. But what does this phrase actually mean or imply? What does it look like to be in but not of the world in regard to education? In his prayer in John 17, Jesus says this of his disciples: “They do not belong to the world, just as I do not belong to the world.” The commentary section of Article 23 of the Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective says, “On a variety of political and social issues, individual Christians need the church to help them discern how to be in the world without belonging to the world.” Whether in Mennonite, public, charter, homeschool, co-op or other educational settings, discerning and practicing being in but not of the world can take various forms.

Submissions may consider one of the following prompts/questions, among others:

  • What values have informed you as a parent, guardian or caregiver in discerning the best educational setting for your children? Share your values and your discernment process, and remember to include the concessions you made in your decision, since no place is perfect.
  • How do you and your family wrestle with the political and social structures embedded in the education system? Where do you educate for liberation in your Anabaptist ideals? Tell us your story.
  • How do you as faculty, staff or students in a non-Mennonite institution provide educational opportunities that are just, equitable and Anabaptist? How are you centering the nondominant voices, people who experience marginalization, within your institution?
  • How have you wrestled with the realities of accepting curriculum standards and financial support for educational endeavors from a U.S. educational system that is largely unjust?
  • Did you attend or are you attending a Mennonite institution? How has that shaped your worldview?
  • Many Mennonite educational institutions were created to provide a particular kind of faith-based education outside the public school system. How have you seen Mennonite education evolve over the years?
  • Where are opportunities for Mennonites and other Anabaptists to better live out their values in today’s educational environment?

Submissions are due to no later than Nov. 28.

We welcome articles—personal stories, biblical or theological reflections, stories about your congregation, and more (800-1,200 words)—as well as original photography, videos and artwork on the theme. Please note we are committed to anti-oppression reviews as part of our editorial process. When developing your submission, please review our updated anti-oppression guidelines as well as our editorial guidelines.

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