Let’s ‘pay for’ our boosters

Ever since talk began of a need for COVID-19 vaccine boosters, I’ve been wondering whether I should get one when so many in the developing world haven’t had access to their first. Is there a way to assure that by my forgoing the booster, those otherwise without access will be provided one? I’ve spoken to several Mennonite healthcare professionals, and they advised to get a booster to protect others and help to eliminate the virus worldwide.

Spurred by Mennonite World Conference’s efforts described in “MWC: Love neighbors, share vaccines” (Sept. 29), I have decided that although my booster is free, I will “pay” for it by making a donation to UNICEF. UNICEF says $37 can provide 10 people with two doses of the vaccine, and $210 can provide 10 portable vaccine carriers.

Go to unicefusa.org/interfaithmovement, and, just above the red “donate now” button in the “select affiliation” dropdown, select Mennonite World Conference. Will you join me by “paying for” your vaccine and booster?

Ray Miller, Chambersburg, Pa.

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