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MB mission organization announces strategy shifts

Multiply, the missions organization for the Canadian and U.S. Mennonite Brethren conferences, announced on June 14 it is releasing its multi-denominational church planting efforts, formerly known in Canada as C2C.

Multiply is the Mennonite Brethren mission organization. — USMB
Multiply is the Mennonite Brethren mission organization. — USMB

The move is intended to reduce expenses. Although donations to Multiply this fiscal year were the highest ever, there was still “a significant gap” between expenses and revenue.

“While our intention has been to serve both our MB family and our many denominational partners well, there is more work to be done on both fronts,” stated the release from Multiply’s binational board. “We have received requests by MB provinces/districts to be more involved in decision-making regarding the planting of new MB churches.”

C2C was originally the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches’ church-planting network, which worked with more than 20 other denominations.

It was not without controversy, as some questioned its significant expenses that were dedicated to supporting churches with little or no connection to CCMBC. For several years, C2C was by far the largest component of the CCMBC budget. In 2016, only 6 percent of C2C’s budget came from other denominations.

“These current shifts retain the integration of local mission with global, but also refocus Multiply as an MB-based church-planting network with kingdom partnerships, rather than a multi-denominational church-planting network that serves the MB family,” stated the board.

In addition, Multiply announced it will restructure short-term mission training programs with a renewed focus on mission and discipleship strategies of local churches, both in North America and globally.

“We anticipate current training programs to continue as well as new programs to be birthed through local church partnerships,” stated the board.

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