Mennonite partners in China expands resourcing

Photo: Carol WD, Pexels Photo: Carol WD, Pexels

Mennonite Partners in China — a joint program of Mennonite Church Canada International Witness and Mennonite Mission Network of Mennonite Church USA — is creating an Anabaptist resourcing network to assist Chinese church leaders who want to know more about Anabaptism.

MPC has been the main pathway for Mennonites to engage with Chinese church and education communities for 40 years. It has facilitated educational exchanges for more than 300 North American teachers and 400 Chinese university professors since 1981. With the advent of COVID-19, MPC is adapting to focus on resourcing Chinese faith communities.

Together with MMN, International Witness consulted with Chinese church leaders who have partnered with MPC in the past. They asked for help establishing a resource network to assist with translation of Anabaptist materials and development of new teaching materials. MC Canada’s Joint Council approved a proposal to meet this need on Sept. 26.

“Learning about Anabaptist teaching was like learning about my faith roots when I didn’t even know they existed,” said one Chinese lay leader.

International Witness and MMN have expanded the mandate of MPC director Myrrl Byler to now also serve as Anabaptist education coordinator for various parts of Asia. Myrrl and Ruthie Byler will relocate to Asia in 2021. They will also continue to strengthen ties and promote exchange opportunities between Chinese and North American educators when these can happen safely again.

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