Reaction to misconduct

For church leaders and institutions to take a clear stand with those who have been harmed by John D. Rempel’s sexual misconduct (“Theologian’s credential terminated,” Nov. 6) is entirely in keeping with Jesus, who identifies himself with the most vulnerable and who expresses outrage at their being abused (Matthew 18:1-9). I am just as convinced, however, that the church and its leaders need to stand with those who have done the harm, not to defend or diminish their behaviors but in hope for full acknowledgment and true repentance, forgiveness and restoration. It means not only pledging to offer every assistance to those who have been harmed but also to do everything possible to recover the offender from the wreckage of sin. While that is often viewed as the enemy of true justice, it goes to the heart of what it means to be followers of Jesus, who incarnated himself in the vulnerable and gave his life for sinners (Romans 5).

Tom Yoder Neufeld

Waterloo, Ont.

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