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Rose Mtoka: Five reasons I get up in the morning

Rose Mtoka, Mennonite Mission Network

Rose Mtoka works with Mennonite Mission Network in the Human Resources department. Mtoka is originally from Musoma, Tanzania. This post originally appeared on Mennonite Mission Network’s Beyond blog

1. My adoration of an early, glorious morning sunrise. My words cannot capture a full picture of the effect of “good morning sunshine” on me. The stealth, exquisiteness and energy from the glow of the early morning sun have a special magic to power up my groggy-drowsy persona. The cocktail of glorious orange-red-yellowish colored beams shining all over, effortlessly peeking through the curtains, plus morning songs from birds, launch me from my bed. In winter days when there is a shortage of sun, images of the sunrise from Google and bright lights come to the rescue, though they are not the same.

2. My family. I thank God for my mother and father, God-loving people, who love and enjoy serving other people in need. I am one of the beneficiaries of blessings from the sacrifice made by my Christian parents. My parents worked tirelessly to meet our basic needs and, most of all, to provide my brothers and sisters with educational opportunities! I came from a society that discounted female beings as insignificant (at that time); I feel very blessed and lucky. I carry a sense of deep appreciation toward my parents for “paving a way forward” for others.

3. There is God and there are sincere good-hearted people. In my life journey, whether I was at cloud nine or at the bottom, there was God and the people of God to see me through. Friends, work colleagues, and good-hearted people who I have crossed paths with, have motivated and inspired me with their faith journeys, stories or support. I have drawn a sense of encouragement, faith, perseverance, patience, blessings and more from these encounters. How can I keep from singing?

4. The beauty and wonders of nature. I love the physical features of the earth. Be it grand canyons or valleys, majestic snow and non-snow-capped mountain peaks, infinitely flat green grasslands, or serene pools of water, almost assuming the function of a mirror by reflecting their surroundings – all these and more excite me. I do not see them daily, but I have a fond memory of them. I get to refresh my memory with TV’s nature channels and outdoor walks.

5. No hitting the snooze button. An alarm clock is one of the major players that gets me up. It activates the day’s events in a domino-effect flare. I get up and get ready for work, check on a child who is getting ready for school, check on the weather, make breakfast, and then it’s out of doors for everyone. And eventually back to bed again!

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