Terror in Ukraine is not new

This is in response to Lisa Schirch’s letter, “Perpetrators in Ukriane” (March 25). It is not to disagree but to add another aspect. My parents came to Canada from Ukraine in 1925. I was born in 1931, so what I write is what has been told to me. On Oct. 13, 1919, my grandfather and two of his sons were brutally murdered in their front yard. My mother was 17 at the time. Years later, when my mother had multiple sclerosis, in her delirium she would beg for us to remove the dead bodies from the front yard. My dad had violent nightmares; when asked the next day about them, he would say, “They had the gun in my ear, and they were counting.” This, in part, shaped who I am.

Linda (Falk) Suter, Bluffton, Ohio

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