Woke nonsense

After reading “Meltdown ­symbolizes antiracist vision” [Nov. 24, about melt­ing down a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Va.], I became embarrassed to even be asso­ciated with this organization. Why would you melt down such a beautiful statue? If you deem the individual on the horse offensive, then just replace the head, but to destroy such a wonderful piece of art — well, I consider those who did such a thing to be just as bad as you consider those who made it. And then to quote scripture about idols only have the melted bronze sculpted into yet another piece of art is hypocritical. I have had it with the woke nonsense double standard that is being thrown in everyone’s faces. It was a beautiful statue that should have been saved, and to brag about destroying it — perhaps you have some books you would like to burn as well.    

Jim Bontrager, McPherson, Kan.

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