A blessing for simplicity

Photo — Sherah-Leigh Gerber Photo — Sherah-Leigh Gerber

When you hear the whispers of the still, small voice
in the margins and gaps,
may you slow, still and encounter God.

May you experience the ways
that a less cluttered space and schedule
yields a less cluttered mind and heart.

May the discipline of simplifying
lead to clarifying what matters most.

When the sharp edges of pain and wounds of loss
are bumped, prodded and poked,
may you slow, still and notice God.

May you recognize that neither rushing nor avoiding
brings the longed-for healing.

May the work of soul-tending
draw you to the heart of God.

When you are tempted to do more,
work harder and hustle,
may you slow, still and trust God.

May you realize that spiritual minimalism
isn’t about lowering the bar
but about forming your being.

May you discover that simplicity brings abundance.

Sherah-Leigh Gerber is an ordained minister and spiritual director who lives in northeast Ohio with her family. She writes at somecomfortandjoy.com.

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