A more humane, godly way

Thank you for the article by John Long­hurst on the Canadian pastor who used medical assistance to end his life (“He asked if it was OK to die,” Oct. 16). Law permits this in several U.S. states, and I feel it should be legal in all states. Often I have heard we are playing God. However, we play God to extend life. In nursing homes I have seen the elderly slobbering, incontinent, in extreme pain, unaware of who they are or their surroundings, because of our ability to keep their heart beating. I am 88, fairly healthy and have lived a full, enjoyable life. As long as I am fortunate enough to be like this, I would like to live. But if there is no quality of life or hope for improvement, I can think of nothing more meaningful than to be surrounded by my family, pastor and doctor, have prayer and music, and have the doctor usher me into the next world. 

Medical doctors pledge to do no harm. Many are willing to take a person off life support or off food and take the person’s life by starving. I thank the Regehr family for showing us a more humane, godly way.

Denzel Short, Westland, Mich.

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