This article was originally published by Mennonite World Review

Abortion alarms

Recent developments regarding abortion in the United States should cause great alarm, including the pro-abortion Reproductive Health Act signed by the governor of New York and the new pro-abortion U.S. House of Representatives’ attempt to repeal the policy that prohibits U.S. taxpayer funding for abortions overseas.

Abortion is a horrific, sinful act — a replication of the sin that the children of Israel committed in the Old Testament when they sacrificed children as an act of worship to their gods. I know there can occur emergency issues during a mother’s pregnancy requiring a physician to consider sacrificing a baby to save the mother, but with today’s technology this is rare. Alternative programs for pregnant mothers of unwanted fetuses have proven successful. I caution that we do not become indoctrinated by improper political views on abortion.

Harry L. Graber
West Liberty, Ohio

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