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April 2011 film and book reviews


Another Year (PG-13) follows a married couple in London who manages to remain happy into their autumn years while surrounded over the course of the four seasons of an average year by friends, colleagues and family who suffer unhappiness and loneliness. How refreshing to see ordinary life portrayed with plain-looking characters (no pretty faces)! Lesley Manville is particularly outstanding in this poignant film from Mike Leigh.—Gordon Houser


Two new prayer books offer help to those interested in Christian daily prayer. Take Our Moments and Our Days, Volume 2: An Anabaptist Prayer Book Advent through Pentecost, compiled by Arthur Paul Boers, Barbara Nelson Gingerich, Eleanor Kreider, John D. Rempel and Mary H. Schertz (Herald Press, 2010, $34.99) This second volume is for the seasons of the Christian year (Advent through Pentecost). It gives priority to Jesus’ words and includes helpful notes for how to use it. Unlike some, it includes hymn suggestions and emphasizes communal reflection on Scripture, though it can be used for individual prayer as well. Common Prayer: ALiturgy for Ordinary Radicals by Shane Claiborne, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove and Enuma Okoro (Zondervan, 2010, $24.99) is larger and includes more explanatory features. It also covers the entire church year and includes a theme for each month plus notes from Christian history with many of the days.—gh

Seasoned with Peace Spring, compiled by Susan Mark Landis, Lisa J. Amstutz and Cindy Snider (2011, $15.95) is the second such collection of devotions, poems, pictures and recipes for each day (April-June) to encourage peacemakers.—gh

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