This article was originally published by Mennonite World Review

Biased attack

As I read “Rape Culture Exposed” (Editorial, Oct. 24), I was sure I was going to read about Bill Clinton’s escapades, which included a long-term affair and many other proven sexual assaults, all with Hillary Clinton’s knowledge and complicity. Not so. I instead read about Donald Trump’s vulgarity, inappropriate touching and accusations of unwanted sexual advances, all of which are reprehensible. From there, a leap to “boorish lechery,” “stoking a hateful crowd” and not having “basic human decency.” And then an attack on evangelical leaders who back him as having “lost their credibility.” I hoped for an unbiased assessment of both candidates instead of a blatantly biased attack on Trump.

In the same issue, columnist John Powell (“What Kind of Savior?”) says Trump’s popularity “calls into question the core beliefs, commitments and faith of the American people.” Really? Because we don’t blindly vote Dem­ocrat? No one contemplates replacing the Savior with Trump.

Larry Esmonde
Lima, Ohio

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