This article was originally published by Mennonite World Review

Christian voter guide

Alarms are sounding in the media and national leadership, both from the right and the left, in regard to qualifications for the presidency. There is an eerie feeling of history repeating itself. It is disturbing that so many Christians, including Mennonites and Amish, appear oblivious to what following Jesus might mean relative to our discernment and witness in these times, on these issues.

Eighty-three years ago, under similar circumstances of national unrest and disillusionment, Mennonites in Germany lost their way.

Are we Mennonites, in today’s controversial and disturbing times, thinking and discerning within our faith values? Or are we supporting a leader whose platform is security and peace through violence?

I suggest the following as a Christian voter guide: “Think! Discern! The Jesus platform: Love your neighbor. Compassion, social and economic justice. Which candidate most reflects Jesus? Vote your opinion. We are God’s instruments.”

James L. Peachey
Spring Mills, Pa.

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