This article was originally published by Mennonite World Review

Clear your schedules

I can’t agree with Hillary Watson, who says it’s OK Sunday school is dying (Gathering the Stones, Sept. 10). We have a responsibility to clear our schedules of all that doesn’t contribute to growing spiritually on the Lord’s day. When we get too busy for Sunday school, the world is setting our schedules and not the commandments of God. Our busyness has caused us to discontinue the Sunday evening meeting, the Wednesday evening prayer meeting, revival meetings and more. I recall when our people knew the Bible well enough to teach a class, when there was a desire to discuss God’s Word together and learn from one another. As we discontinue Sunday school, it will increase biblical illiteracy. Watson says we need to find new ways to instruct and teach. Let’s discover those better ways before we discard what has worked in the past.

Charles Gautsche
Archbold, Ohio

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