This article was originally published by Mennonite World Review

Courageous witness

I commend Christianity Today’s courageous and prophetic editorial concerning President Trump. Franklin Graham challenged Christians to pray, fast and vote. I agree and believe righteousness will rule when we truly seek the Lord. It is righteousness, not self-serving actions and narrow nationalistic agendas, that will exalt a nation and truly make America great.

The Jewish leaders of Jesus’ day did not call out Herod for his evil acts. They liked Herod. He expanded the temple. It took John the Baptist to call him to account. Many German Christians lock-stepped with Hitler. Hitler played up to German Christians. It took Christians like Dietrich Bonhoeffer to call him to account.

John the Baptist lost his head and Bonhoeffer his life for their prophetic voice, but in the end it is the Bonhoeffers and John the Baptists who will be lauded for their courageous witness in the face of evil.

Let us pray for President Trump that he may live a life transformed and conformed to Jesus.

Bob Kettering
Manheim, Pa.

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