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I eagerly await Anabaptist World and read it cover to cover. I am particularly interested in the international news of both church and wider societies. I have lived in Kenya, Egypt, Ethiopia and Zambia, so my interest starts in Africa and extends from there. I was curious (and a bit afraid) of how the merger of Mennonite World Review and The Mennonite would affect attention to the world beyond the United States and Canada. I have been pleasantly surprised that AW has lived into both components of its name. In the Dec. 24 issue I found an article on African approaches to COVID-19, three articles on Anabaptists in Haiti, an article on Anabaptists in Ethiopia, obituaries for an Italian broadcaster and a Vietnamese translator/teacher, obituaries for two mission workers in Latin America, an article on a Bible school in South Africa, an article on Manga comics in France and a feature article on finding Jesus in the slums of Indonesia. Wow! Keep up the Anabaptist + World balance.

Ken Litwiller, Lewistown, Pa.

Anabaptist World

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