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Draft registration

As a staff member at the Center on Conscience and War (formerly the National Service Board for Conscientious Objectors), I feel moved to correct what Bob Hartzler said in his June 15 letter in response to “Women Feel a Draft” (Editorial, June 1).

In addition to giving good advice for conscientious objectors facing draft registration, Hartz­ler wrote, “But it is not true that you are legally required to be registered in order to get a driver’s ­license. I checked with an attorney, and he confirmed this.” While it is not true for all states, it is true in more than 30 states that a young person who is required to be registered for the draft must either prove he is registered or consent to the Motor Vehicle Department sharing his information with Selective Ser­vice before he can receive a driver’s license or state identification. Please check our website to confirm the laws in your state at

Maria Santelli comment

Santelli is executive director of the Center on Conscience and War.

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