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Evana hires pastor of development, makes autumn plans

NEW PARIS, Ind. — Evana Network, a community of evangelical Anabaptist churches set to launch in September, has hired Wes Furlong as pastor of church development.


Furlong is lead pastor of Cape Christian Fellowship in Cape Coral, Fla., and is tasked with leading Evana’s efforts to help Anabaptist congregations transform communities.

Church planting, city engagement and leadership development will be at the heart of Evana’s work and emphasis.

Furlong has served at Cape Christian for 11 years and will continue serving there on staff. In his time there, the church grew from around 800 in weekend attendance to more than 2,000 today. In 2012, Furlong started an initiative called Not In My City and is passionate about seeing families experience God’s fullness and reclaiming the full healing ministry of Jesus in the local church.

Evana administrator John Troyer said Furlong knows the joys and challenges of pastoring and has led a transformation in his own congregation toward city engagement. He noted the emphasis Evana will place on partnering with churches committed to growth.

“Our covenant will start with our confession of faith and will place significant emphasis on ongoing learning and growth,” he said. “Congregations which join will be asked to commit both time and resources toward these efforts.”

Information about Evana’s covenant process for congregations and pastors will be announced in August, and readiness to receive members will come in September.

Evana will host an introductory gathering of worship and celebration Oct. 16-18 at Clinton Frame Mennonite Church in Goshen for those who are interested in learning more.

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