Examine our conscience

Is now the time to examine our conscience and decide we won’t underwrite the excessive costs of war and militarism? The coronavirus pandemic, environmental destruction and white supremacy dwarf any military threat short of global nuclear war. And yet, our government allocates way too much to the military and far too little to environmental protection, health care and education.  

A good thing happened in 2020: Mennonite Church USA established the Church Peace Tax Fund (mennoniteusa.org/news/peace-tax-fund). Now we can support this fund to curtail military spending and invest in peacebuilding activities. Some may choose to donate an amount with symbolic significance, such as the portion of their taxes that equals the percentage the government applies to military spending. Still others may practice civil disobedience by withholding and redirecting that amount to support peace initiatives.

Harold A. Penner, Akron, Pa.

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