Extend grace to each other

In response to Dan Leatherman’s letter (July 8), I am grateful Mennonite Church USA delegates not only repealed the Membership Guidelines but also supported the “Repentance and Transformation” resolution. I do not see this as a victory but as an acknowledgment of where the Holy Spirit is leading us. I recognize, as Leatherman does, that some think that the church was being faithful in excluding LGBTQ people in the past and that we have nothing to repent for. I am grateful to the pastors who prepared the resolution, which confesses the harm we have done and affirms every person and the gifts they bring.

No one should repent if they see no wrong done. But for those of us who do, stating it clearly represents being faithful followers of Jesus and can be the beginning of healing. We can move forward together, each with our own convictions.

I agree with Leatherman that we don’t know what our political environment will bring (according to Justice Clarence Thomas’ concurring Supreme Court opinion in the Dobbs case, same-sex marriage and use of contraception may become crimes). But we need to follow where our discernment leads. I believe Jesus would have us extend grace to each other and continue the dialogue, difficult as that is sometimes.

Brad Yoder, Noblesville, Ind.

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