Faith and politics submission call

Person stands holding flag that reads Veterans for peace with dove in the middle. Photo by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash

Anabaptist World invites your original submissions for our Nov. 6, 2020, print magazine issue and corresponding online content focusing on politics and faith. Articles should be 1,200 words or less. The submission deadline is Oct. 1.

Anabaptists live in tension between separation from worldly and state matters, and engagement with justice and loving neighbors. Some have held to a tradition of not voting, while others run for political office. More recently, polarization and increased divisions have grown not only in the political sphere, but in nearly every other aspect of daily life.

  • Politics can be defined as “the system by which public life and resources are organized.” What does our faith have to do with politics? What biblical values shape your political action?
  • In light of our Anabaptist Values of community and peace-building, how can we contribute to the common good of society? How has the idea of being “not of this world” added value or hindered the common good?
  • Historically Anabaptists have been known to be “the quiet in the land.” For some that has manifested by refusing to vote. What are the benefits of continuing this practice? In what ways are our current political realities calling this practice to change? Who benefits from it the most? Who suffers from it?
  • How should we seek to address political disagreements within our churches and broader Christian community? Share about your personal experiences.
  • How has the current political and social climate affected the level of focus on political issues throughout church communities? How can the body of Christ decrease divisions that divide North American society?
  • When covering faith and politics, the media sometimes portrays white evangelicals as defining North American Christianity. How are Anabaptists different from or similar to the white evangelical mainstream?
  • If you are not from the United States, how does U.S. politics look to you?
  • Do you serve in a political office, at any level? How does your faith guide your actions?

Review our Writer’s Guidelines and Editorial Policy before submitting your story. Submissions may be emailed to

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