Five things Friday roundup: Focus on Justice

Joan Villalon from Joan Villalon from

Here are five things worth paying attention to this month. I recommend selecting one or two and jumping in over the next week.

  1. Our transgender family is facing death daily just for existing. Sara Blackwood, an Indianapolis resident, is the most recent example of this gruesome truth.
  2. Indianapolis is again on the map for all the wrong reasons. More evidence of police brutality.
  3. Throughout this summer, black men have been found hanging from trees across the country, and each time the deaths are almost immediately ruled a suicide. Something doesn’t add up and Nevan Baker is the latest example.
  4. If you’re looking for a book that centers blackness and is full of Mennonite spirit, look no further than Remnants.          
  5. Protests have been ongoing in Nigeria for weeks as people are rising up to protest police brutality and terrible economic prospects. Take note.

Ben Tapper

Ben Tapper is the host of the Invisible Truths podcast and the co-founder of the Kindred Collective which is an Read More

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