Five things Friday roundup: transformative films

As a movie enthusiast, I have picked five films that speak to me in particular ways. Everything in a film is made on purpose so the viewers dive deeply into worlds that are unfamiliar to them. Directing, costume design, sound design, script, lighting and acting converge into stories. If viewers are willing to open to and immerse themselves in the film, they can enter those stories and experience something new or different. Without further ado, here is a list of films that you might enjoy and might find out of the ordinary, but which I also highly recommend.


Set in World War II, a family is torn apart by the Nazis. A father and his young son go to one camp while the mother is in another camp, clueless of what is going on with her family. The father tries to convince the son that the camp is just a game and that strict obedience to the rules will be rewarded. The game will be over when the son and his mother reunite. This is one of the films that will make you laugh, cry, and think of your own life and humanity.


Ruby, a teenage girl, is the only hearing member of a deaf family. She helps her family in a fishing business and has no time in her life to do the things that she actually wants. Her family needs her as an interpreter 24/7, but Ruby is gifted in singing. Her teacher suggests she try out for a scholarship, but she has to decide whether to stay with her family or to make a life of her own.


An accomplished classical music maestro is tormented by her past mistakes. The maestro, interpreted by Cate Blanchett, gives one of her most powerful performances as an arrogant, egocentric, and perfectionist musician who will have to find a way to reconcile with her ghosts.


A young man who lives in a gang-surrounded environment is forced to leave his country after a misunderstanding with a local gang. Without much to look forward to, the man must learn how to live in another country, speak a new language, and create a life he never had. 


Charlie, an online English teacher, hides his true self behind a computer screen. Because of his health, he depends on the friendship of his caretaker to survive a life without much meaning. His chance at redemption comes when he reconnects with his teenage daughter whom he hasn’t seen in eight years. 

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