Fixing what isn’t broken

In response to “War COs served their country. Vaccine COs should too” (page 15): I’m not anti-vaccine, but I contend COVID-19 vaccine refusal will not necessarily “lead to harm.” A significant part of the population has survived the infection and has natural antibodies to ward off infection. When I got sick in December, I recuperated at home. Although I believe the risk of getting COVID-19 outweighs the risk of vaccine harm for those who are not survivors, I also believe my God-given immunity makes the risk of vaccine harm greater than my threat to public health. I have checked my antibody status at a local lab, and it confirmed I still have immunity. I do not understand why mainstream discourse does not recognize that firing unvaccinated workers lumps together two disparate groups for censure. I am willing to do community service, but I object to being required to fix what isn’t broken by getting this vaccine.

Donna Detweiler, Albuquerque, N.M.

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