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Grow your family’s faith with worship ‘At Home’

One of the best ways to pass faith on to your children is to worship together with them at home. 1

This is why brings you the free Advent and Lent At Home family devotionals: to give you the tools you need to have the family faith conversations that grow faith in children and youth. These family worship guides are written by Elsie Rempel of Winnpeg, Manitoba, and follow the worship themes offered in Leader magazine that many Mennonite Church USA congregations use.

Paula Snyder Belousek, pastor at Salem Mennonite Church in Elida, Ohio, wrote recently:

Just a quick note to say how much I appreciate the seasonal At Home worship materials. I have been providing them to families at the Salem congregation over the past seven years and we use them for evening prayer time at our house. Our now 8-year-old son anticipates this as a part of our family tradition and enjoys participating in the readings and candle lighting, etc.

And here is what Becky Horst King said about the Advent 2017 guide:

This is the first time our family has done Advent at home, and I am so thankful we began this tradition I plan to continue. We wanted to focus more on preparing for Jesus than for Christmas this year and the materials helped us to do just that. We were pretty selective, with only doing a few of the additional activities (just the poster and donating items as gifts to Jesus), but did the worship each evening before bed with one reading and one song per night. Our 5-year-old daughter, who is learning to read, delighted in leading us in the call to worship and closing prayer.

The 2018 Lent At Home worship guide, Between Me & You, is ready for download. This free, downloadable guide includes a daily Bible reading, short litany, songs, hands-on activities and questions to ponder together. Lent begins Wednesday, February 14.

You’ll find more resources for nurturing faith at home at

Shana Peachey Boshart is conference minister for Christian formation for Central Plains Mennonite Conference and curator of Each month, Shana will be providing us with a list of Christian faith formation resources for use at church, in your community and at home. 


1 Lifelong Faith Journal, Fall/Winter 2007, Lifelong Faith Associates.  “The Effective Christian Education Study found that families that express faith often talk about religious faith; often have family devotions, prayer, or Bible reading at home; and often have family projects to help other people.”

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