Grudging and shaming

Ryan Ahlgrim bemoans the “one-sided language” of the “Repentance and Transformation” resolution passed by Mennonite Church USA delegates in Kansas City (Letters, Aug. 5). As one who voted in favor of the resolution, I find it fascinating that many of us are upset by the language used by survivors of our church’s theology and conduct. Had our denomination shown the same degree of outrage at the harm done to our LGBTQIA Mennonite kinfolk, perhaps we’d have long ago repented and been transformed. Instead, we grudgingly accede to the will of the delegate body, while shaming the writers of the resolution for the language they used to describe what we have done to them. If that’s the best we can do, repentance remains a long way off, and transformation is wishful thinking.  

Ron Adams, Elizabethtown, Pa.

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