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Harrisonburg in bloom

Posted on 05/07/09 at 12:24 AM

I’ve spent plenty of my life hanging around many of the Mennonite meccas like Goshen and Lancaster, but Harrisonburg is one that I’ve only visited a few times. This past weekend was probably the first time I’ve been there as an adult. At the invitation of my sister-in-law I spent a few hours wandering around downtown taking pictures of the buildings and the blooms. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I hope you’ll enjoy the results of my wanderings. I’ve included a few pastoral scenes from the wedding and reception sites as well.

Dogwood blossoms and Harrisonburg Courthouse by mennonot

Close up of Pink dogwood blossom

Dogwood blossoms and Harrisonburg Courthouse #2

Blossoms equal blossoms

Berry Bush

Blossoms on a tree trunk

Trees and Canopy

Harrisonburg Courthouse

Harrisonburg Public Library

Brunk Fountain

Trees in front of Harrisonburg Public Library

Cemetary at Linsdale Mennonite Church

View from Linsdale Mennonite Church

View from Greenmount farms


Bad Water


I found this fountain in the courthouse square. Spanish translation of the sign: Water (misspelled with a Q) is bad, please don’t drink. Apparently the water is not bad for English speakers. Or else the sign’s authors feel Spanish speakers need more convincing.

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