Heartbreaking indifference

My husband and I live in Ontario’s horse-and-buggy country. Many of my husband’s relatives are Old Order Mennonites. In spite of our differences, we have cultivated loving bonds with our cousins. However, like Leon Kraybill (“Love your neighbor, get vaccinated,” page 17, published at anabaptistworld.org on April 28), we are deeply troubled by the stand they are taking on the COVID vaccine.

We do not understand the staggering percentage of Old Order and other conservative Mennonites who have apparently forgotten to ask, “Who is my neighbor?” We hear them saying, “Oh well, this doesn’t really affect us.” They are choosing conspiracy theories over fact and science. Their indifference is heartbreaking. I will be sending copies of Kraybill’s article to our cousins.

Margaret Brubacher, Elmira, Ont.

I agree with Kraybill that “we are given minds to understand our health and free will to select the best options” [quoted from a longer version of the article online]. Everyone deserves informed consent — detailed and personalized cost/benefit advice. Tragically, we are casualties of a one-size-fits-all prescription via a $1.5 billion governmental ad campaign using “trusted local officials” and an army of big biotech tools to shame, coerce and bribe citizens into experimental inoculation. These tactics promote mindless obedience to propaganda, not love.

Miriam Swope Roth, Metamora, Ill.

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