Herald Press declares Yoder’s books out of print

Herald Press Herald Press

Herald Press will no longer print books by the late Mennonite theologian John Howard Yoder.

Effective June 30, all of his books, with the exception of his translation of the Schleitheim Confession, will no longer be available from Herald Press.

“Yoder’s books have been important volumes for readers over the years, and his writings helped shape and define Anabaptist thought and practice for many years,” said Herald Press publisher Amy Gingerich. “However, we feel it is the right decision to take these volumes out of print.”

A May 25 news release stated: “Herald Press has continued to wrestle with Yoder’s long-term sexual harassment and abuse of women and how to respond as a publisher. In 2013, the decision was made to include a statement in Yoder’s books. While that decision seemed appropriate at the time, Herald Press now feels it is prudent to stop selling and promoting his works based on this history.”

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