Hypocrisy and bias

I did not vote in the presidential election, so you can write me off from the start if you want. The way I read the Bible, it’s God who puts rulers in place. I simply got tired of trying to outguess God.

Your editorial, “Sacrilege in the Capitol” (Jan. 22), harshly calls out Christians for supporting Donald Trump. That seems extremely biased. I wonder why you believe Christians in the Jan. 6 march should be blamed for the violence at the Capitol. Hundreds of thousands were not violent and did not support what happened.

I find it amazing that you avoided talking about last summer’s rioting. Was that Democrat Christians’ fault? It was an assault on democracy — an even worse assault by far, if the amount of damage and injury is compared. Both parties are to blame for the violence at the Capitol. Democrats who condoned violence all summer are perhaps more to blame. Taking sides as Anabaptists seems completely out of line. Calling out the sinful nation and the sinful government would be more in order.

President Trump did not call the marchers to violence. He called them to march peacefully. Have you listened to the full version of what he said? Perhaps not; it was hard to find because of the censorship.

Those who did get into the Capitol had agendas, and they were misguided. But do you really know anything about the invader who waved a Christian flag? Do you know if he was a Christian or an actor for another agenda? But that’s all minor compared to the deeper hypocrisy of your article and of the mainstream media.

Why was Trump so hated? Because of his lifestyle? His personality? We wish our leaders displayed Christian virtues, but let’s be real. The real reason for hatred and censorship of Trump is because he was against corruption in Washington.

Your article does nothing more than divide. Please draw the church to real solutions to the violence of the summer and Jan. 6. Draw us to Jesus Christ, who leads the only kingdom that counts.

Eugene Gascho, Pigeon, Mich.

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