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Inspiring editorials

True Evangelical Faith” by Paul Schrag and “Convictional Inaction” by Rachel Stella were inspiring, challenging and based on sound Anabaptist theology. As evangelical Christians, our first allegiance should be to Christ’s kingdom, not to the kingdom of this world. I agree with professor Richard Kyle that many evangelicals believe we have influenced American culture for good, when in fact we have simply allowed our faith to become Americanized. For many years I have had Menno Simons’ statement of “true evangelical faith” on my desk. It has been an inspiration and a guide. I, too, believe Mennonites should stand out as a different breed of evangelicals.

Stella’s editorial gave valid reason why Anabaptists should abstain from voting. I concur that choosing not to vote fits the two-kingdom theology that aligns with the Sermon on the Mount. I agree with professor John Roth that abstaining from voting is a good spiritual discipline.

Perhaps if we prayed more for those in authority, as the Apostle Paul suggests in 1 Tim. 2:1-2, and leave the voting to those in the secular world, we might avoid some of the chaos and political dilemmas we now face. We do well not to allow our culture to press us into its mold but let the Bible and the Holy Spirit dictate our conscience and lifestyle.

Louis Lehman
Albany, Ore.

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