Interfaith peace role model

I am a Ph.D. student of religions and mysticism at Science and Research Branch of Islamic Azad University. I am very glad that the LUKE 10 Institute held a webinar to promote peace and dialogue between religions (“ ‘Who is my neighbor?’ links 3 faiths for peace,” Dec. 25). This is one of the positive efforts of the Christian community, and I am grateful. The followers of every religion should focus on their suffering neighbors, regardless of differences in religious views. If we do not promote a spirit of tolerance, we will see the spread of extremism in Iran.

I was pleased to see Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb as a female religious leader, because I am interested in women and religion studies. In my opinion, in general, a woman can understand the kindly vision of religion better than men. As a Muslim woman, I found her a role model for peaceful interfaith activities.

Maryam Sadat Siahpoosh, Tehran, Iran

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