This article was originally published by Mennonite World Review

Israel’s occupation

I read “Injustice in Israel” (Dec. 21) sensing that the writers are soft-pedaling Israel’s occupation, suppression and abuse of the Palestinians. Many years ago 300 Israel soldiers resigned and were jailed as they objected to the treatment they were ordered to put on the Palestinians. One of those men was an army major of 18 years. I was privileged to talk with him here in America. I believe these soldiers then continued to work with Palestinian counterparts in a nonviolent manner. However, how Israel treats Palestinians has not changed or may have gotten worse. The article mentions some of the deprivations but does not mention food is rationed in Gaza to 750 calories per individual.

I have been studying this situation for some years, I don’t have to do a study to determine if oppression and abuse are wrong. It doesn’t matter which side is doing it. It is wrong! As Christians, both Israelis and Palestinians are our brothers and sisters. We love them both and we want to treat them equally. This can be accomplished quickly.

El Siebert
Omaha, Neb.

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