It was special — and a lot

Nata Fontan holding Frankie Fontan at a MennoCon23 worship. - Mennonite Church USA Nata Fontan holding Frankie Fontan at a MennoCon23 worship. – Mennonite Church USA

This Aug. 4 print issue isn’t only about the Mennonite Church USA convention. Here you’ll find a piece by correspondent John Longhurst about a case of affinity fraud that cost members of a Manitoba congregation over $1 million. It is a surprising account that unfortunately could happen anywhere. 

I’m still reflecting on the article about an LGBTQ pastor whose ministry credential was reinstated after 36 years as a direct result of Mennonite Church USA’s Repentance and Transformation resolution. I can’t say exactly what the writers of the resolution had in mind when they crafted it, but I’m moved by the way it has been put into practice in this case. 

Our coverage of MennoCon23 also makes this issue special. It was a treat to be in person with my editors Tim Huber and Paul Schrag and to connect with subscribers and readers.

Gatherings like MennoCon are a time of great joy and also sensory overload for me. I love running into friends from across the country, learning from seminar leaders and, of course, sharing about Anabaptist World. 

The convention was special for me because I got to share it my family. Special, but not all rainbows and sunshine. It was a lot to hold together. On the way home, my oldest said, “Mom, I don’t want to go on any more trips.” You can see him in the photo with my husband, Nata. It will be interesting to see how he recalls the experience as he grows.

One difference this year was that there were no servant projects. A convention staple for many years, service has been a formative experience, and its absence was felt. It’s understandable why it might not have been possible this time around, with a more compact schedule. I hope, though, that it might return in some form. Serving in the community where we gather is a tangible way to show our values of service and love. 

Danielle Klotz

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