Lancaster, Pa., school system appoints leader

Michael Badriaki — Lancaster Mennonite School Michael Badriaki — Lancaster Mennonite School

Michael Badriaki accepted the position of Lancaster Mennonite School superintendent July 1.

Formerly principal of Lancaster Mennonite High School and Middle School, Badriaki has been engaged in planning and implementing campus unification.

“I am enthusiastic about the Christ-centered education at LM, which propels Anabaptist values that transcend the temptations of hopelessness, division and polarization by restorative practices, reflection, healing, love, truth and hope,” Badriaki said. “LM has positively impacted our community for decades, and LM’s Christ-centered mission is a beacon of hope for the present and the future.”

Badriaki holds a doctorate of ministry in leadership and global perspectives from George Fox University and is working on a doctorate in intercultural education at Biola University. His professional experience spans business ventures and educational projects in Africa, Asia and South America.

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